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Fort Worth, Texas Driving School for Defensive Driving, aka Driving Safety Class is for Traffic Offenses and Auto-Car Insurance DiscountsFort Worth Mature Driver Improvement is for senior citizen drivers age 55 years and over.  Most car insurance companies offer a discount for drivers who have completed this course. Drivers education is a 32 hour online Block course for new drivers.

Fort Worth Texas Defensive Driving


Fort Worth Texas Drivers Education School


Fort Worth Senior Mature Driver Improvement & Driving Safety for Age 55 + Class | 55-Alive

Fort Worth Defensive Driving for Traffic Offenses/Tickets and Car-Auto Insurance Premium Discount:

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Fort Worth Drivers Education (Drivers ED) Class:

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Fort Worth Texas Mature Senior Driver Improvement for Car Insurance Discount (Age 55 and over):

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Fort Worth Texas Speeding Citations/Tickets Driving Safety, Defensive Driving vs Deferred Disposition/Adjudication

First, complete the Fort Worth Municipal Court Defensive driving request form or contact the court for approval to take the defensive driving course.  Don’t let anyone talk you into taking a deferral instead. The deferral WILL cost you more money. After court approval, simply click the first register now button for the Fort Worth defensive driving course above, sign up and take the course a little at the time or all at once, your choice. You can sign up and come back to it in your leisure time and work on it as you have time. Most of this course you already know, this course serves as a “refresher” to the knowledge you have gained through both your original licensing and through your driving experience.

Cost of Fort Worth Municipal Courts Traffic Speeding Ticket Fines

Statewide, the Fines and costs associated with a speeding or moving traffic violation cost more than taking a simple defensive driving course. Then there’s a strong possibility your car insurance rates will increase. Your Texas Drivers License will be accessed “points” through the Texas DPS.

Average Example of Speeding Tickets Fine and Court Administration Fees:

  • 1-5 mph over the posted speed limit- Up to $239
  • 6-9 mph over the posted speed limit- Up to $264
  • 10-14 mph over the posted speed limit- Up to $299
  • 15-19 mph over the posted speed limit- Up to $384
  • 20-29 mph over the posted speed limit- Up to $434
  • 30 or greater mph over the posted speed limit- Up to $504
  • Fines vary on whether the infraction occurred in a school or construction zone

Cost of Fort Worth Municipal Court Defensive Driving (DDC) or Defensive Driving Course Option

Fort Worth DDC (Defensive Driving Course) Court Fees:

  • Moving Violation: $114.10 (Much lower cost than the fine, probation or “deferred adjudication”)
  • School Zone Moving Violation: $139.10

Average Deferred/Deferral Court Administration Fees:

  • $210.00 for each non-accident traffic case
  • $209.00 for each non-accident speeding of 15 miles or less than the posted speed limit
  • $249.00 for each non-accident speeding of 16 miles to 25 miles over the posted speed limit
  • $249.00 for each non-accident school zone case
  • $269.00 for each accident case

Fort Worth Texas Drivers Education School

1. This online Parent Taught Driver Education (TDLR License# 111) course is fully approved in Texas and satisfies Texas’ minimum permit and licensing requirements.  In this program, your parent or guardian fills the role of driving instructor.

2.  This online driver’s ed course is fully approved by the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation (TDLR). This course uses the block method, which means you must complete the entire 32 hour course online before applying for your learner’s permit and enrolling with a licensed driving school.


Fort Worth Senior Mature Drivers Refresher Driving Improvement


Sign up now and finish later at your convenience! An “I Drive Safely, L.L.C – Texas” based Texas Course.

Texas Mature Driver Program – Reduce Your Auto Insurance Rates!

With hundreds of miles of open roads, Texas is a great state for driving. And if you’re a Texas senior looking to make your driving experience even better, you can do so with our Texas mature driver course. Our course will help you keep your driving skills sharp – and save you money on insurance. By completing the Texas mature driver course, you can earn up to 10% off of your insurance bill for three years!

An Online Texas Senior Driver Course on Your Time

Traditional driver improvement classes are a headache – they can take hours away from your busy week. Our Texas senior driver course is 100% online, which means that you are in control. You can take the course anywhere there’s an Internet connection – your home, the library, or your favorite coffee shop. And it’s self-paced, so you can start and stop whenever you like.

Easy to Do, Easy to Pass!

Our course designers and driving education specialists have developed a course that’s perfect for senior drivers. We’ve been creating online driving courses for over 15 years, and that experience shows. We use computer animations and easy-to-read text to make learning the material engaging – and even fun. And since you have control over your course schedule, you can learn the material at a pace that’s right for you.

An Easy Delivery Process

Getting your discount is easy and takes just two steps. First, we’ll process your certificate of completion after you pass, and deliver a 2-part copy to you. Next, simply send or hand-deliver a copy to Your insurance provider.  We offer several low-cost delivery options designed to suit your needs. Just choose your preferred delivery method during the course sign-up process.

Customer Support When You Need It

If you run into any problems, we’re here to help. Our live customer support team is standing by 7 days a week to answer any of your questions about our course or anything related to driving in Texas. And to ensure your satisfaction, we offer a money-back guarantee on all of our courses.

Fort Worth, Texas55 AliveSenior Citizen age 55 and over mature driver improvement course is an online defensive driving insurance course discounts in the state of Minnesota. Many states have adopted the mature driver insurance discount, accident prevention driving course for ages 55 and up. Some car insurance discounts are for drivers age 55 and over.

Most insurance companies offer up to 15% discount off the base auto insurance premiums to their drivers who are senior citizens age 55 and over and have completed an online mature driver improvement course from I Drive Safely, LLC – Texas.

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Fort Worth Defensive Driving Online Computer Mature Driver Class

Fort Worth 55 Alive Driver Auto Insurance Discount Course

Online Defensive Driving Driver Class Texas Defensive Driving Insurance Course

Texas Approved Online Computer 55 alive Class

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