Greenwood, South Carolina 4 Hour Defensive Driving Traffic Education (TEP) Class

Greenwood, South Carolina law allows the Court to let a violator take a Traffic Education Program, Traffic School or Defensive Driving Class to keep the offense off your driving record. If you have not had another moving violation, such as a speeding ticket in the past three years you should be eligible for what is called non- adjudication.

Greenwood, South Carolina 4 Hour Traffic Education Program (TEP) Class

4 Hour South Carolina Point Reduction Program PRP Online Registration

Speeding Ticket Cost vs Defensive Driving Course and Reducing Driving Record Points &

Auto Insurance Rate Decrease

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Greenwood, South Carolina Traffic Education Program Online Computer TEP Classes are now available for traffic tickets/citations for moving traffic violations such as speeding, running or disregarding a red light or stop sign, following too closely, or a motor vehicle accident. The defensive driving course can remove points from your driving history record (Driver’s License). Search the South Carolina courts to locate the court your traffic ticket was issued.

You may also take the course for a car/auto insurance discount. In any case, we have everything you need to take care of all of those situations. With this voluntary or court ordered, city municipal and County court referred drivers safety course or DL point reduction driver safety courses, you can:

1. Get up to four points reduced when you complete this SC PRP Defensive Driving course.

2. You may also qualify for an insurance discount so be sure to check with your provider.

  • Approved by Greenwood, South Carolina courts
  • Easy to complete and pass
  • Study at your own pace
  • Fast, free certificate delivery

Typical Traffic Ticket/Citation Fines and Cost in South Carolina:

South Carolina Municipal Court Fines
Changes Lanes Unlawfully $237.50
Speeding 11-15 mph over speed limit $133.75
Speeding 16-24 mph over speed limit $185.63
Speeding 25 mph over speed limit $445.00
Speeding Too Fast for Weather and Conditions (Code 21) $81.88


Dismiss a traffic ticket fine and keep the citation off your record.
Get a car insurance discount.

Greenwood, South Carolina Traffic Education Program TEP

South Carolina law allows the Court to send a violator to a Traffic Education Program under certain conditions school to keep the offense off your driving record.

If you have not had another moving violation in the past three years you should be eligible for what is called non-adjudication.

This provides that the violation is not subject to public view and is allowed under the following conditions: (1) that you possess a valid South Carolina license; (2) that you have had no conviction for a moving violation in this state or any other state within the last three years; (3) that you pay the applicable fine; (4) that you pay an extra service fee; and (5) that you attend a four-hour traffic safety violator course approved by the court



The Traffic Education Program (TEP) was established in South Carolina to educate drivers with minor traffic offenses, while giving them the opportunity to have eligible traffic tickets dismissed, and thereby keep their driving records clean. Upon successful completion of TEP, the individual will receive a non-criminal disposition from the Court and no official record of the traffic violation will be maintained, except by TEP to make sure that no person benefits from this program more than once.

How to Take A defensive driving course in Greenwood South Carolina (SC)

I Drive Safely’s South Carolina online defensive driving course is approved by individual courts throughout the state to dismiss points associated with a South Carolina traffic ticket. Taken voluntarily, the course may also help you qualify for a hefty discount on your monthly insurance premiums. Check with your auto insurance provider first to make sure they offer a discount for taking a driver improvement course.

Whether you’re looking to dismiss points or reduce insurance rates, we’ve compiled a helpful guide which lists the steps you’ll need to complete in order to accomplish each of those goals. If you have further questions, our customer support team will be able to answer them for you promptly.

How to Dismiss Points From Your Driving Record

How to Get a Discount On Monthly Insurance Rates

How to Dismiss Points from Your Driving Record

1. Contact your court and request permission to complete our South Carolina defensive driving course.

Make sure to get in touch with them before the appearance date on your citation. If your violation requires a court appearance, you may request permission at that time. Note that the state allows point dismissal once every 3 years.

2. Enroll in and complete Your “I Drive Safely” South Carolina online defensive driving course.

Your court may give you a deadline by which you must finish your course and submit your proof of completion. keep this in mind as you’re working through our self-paced program.

3. Submit your certificate of completion to your court.

I Drive Safely will send you a copy of your completion certificate, which you are then responsible for delivering to the court. You may usually mail, fax, or hand-deliver the certificate to your County clerk.

4. Check your driving record.

After your course completion has been processed by your court, obtain a copy of your driving record. Make sure that the points from your tickets don’t show up.

How to Get a Discount on Monthly Insurance Rates

1. Contact your insurance company for their policy on defensive driving discounts.

If your provider allows a rate reduction for completing a course, you should then inquire about:

  • How much of a discount you will be receiving
  • How long you can expect a reduced rate
  • Whether they will allow to renew your discount in the future

2. Enroll in and complete your South Carolina defensive driving course.

3. Submit your certificate of completion to your insurance company.

After you finish your course, we’ll mail you a copy of your completion certificate. You will then take your proof of completion to your insurance agency (or mail/fax it, if they allow) and wait for them to process your discount.

4. Enjoy your reduced insurance rate.


You Get a Certificate for Auto/Car Insurance Discounts. Defensive Driving, Driver Improvement Program for Auto Insurance Discounts.

The driver safety course provides a certificate of completion which allows you to fax or mail to your car insurance company for a discount of up to 15% off your existing premiums in many cases. Email this page to a friend or ask your spouse to take this defensive driving course online for a car insurance discount or another car/auto insurance policy discount.

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Greenwood, South Carolina Court Approved